We give here six abstract examples for electronic submission. They are all courtesy of participants at past Ohio State University Symposia on Molecular Spectroscopy and past PRAHA conferences. The quality of the printed abstract (obtained by printing the pdf file) is significantly better than that of the gif image.

Abstract 0

Features: Sample abstract from EAS instructions page.

 abs0.tex          Download LaTeX file (2597 bytes).
 abs0.pdf          Download pdf file (34125 bytes)
 abs0.html         View gif file (16687 bytes).

Abstract 1

Features: Multiple authors with different addresses; German letters, footnotes.

 abs1.tex          Download LaTeX file (2938 bytes).
 abs1.pdf          Download pdf file (48393 bytes)
 abs1.html         View gif file (17287 bytes).

Abstract 2

Features: Three authors with the same address; more German letters.

 abs2.tex          Download LaTeX file (1628 bytes).
 abs2.pdf          Download pdf file (35977 bytes)
 abs2.html         View gif file (14780 bytes).

Abstract 3

Features: None in particular.

 abs3.tex          Download LaTeX file (2796 bytes).
 abs3.pdf          Download pdf file (28169 bytes)
 abs3.html         View gif file (19283 bytes).

Abstract 4

Features: Spanish letters (and a single Czech letter in the footnote!).

 abs4.tex          Download LaTeX file (3175 bytes).
 abs4.pdf          Download pdf file (45686 bytes)
 abs4.html         View gif file (21078 bytes).

Abstract 5

Features: An abstract with inlined graphics (therefore the very large files (sorry about that)).

 abs5.tex          Download LaTeX file (154898 bytes).
 abs5.pdf          Download pdf file (43349 bytes)
 abs5.html         View gif file (807994 bytes).

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